Greg & Laura and the Ultimate Agility Team are thrilled to announce our newest course:

Ultimate Handling!

Learn the theory behind Greg Derrett’s tremendously successful system, and work directly with Greg & Laura to master the skills. Visit the Ultimate Handling course page to learn more, and sign up today!  Class starts on 23 March.

Are you looking for personalized feedback on your training? Curious how you should have handled that tricky section on course? Perhaps you are in need of a weekly training plan?

Greg and Laura offer all of these things! Visit the Lessons and Analysis page for more information.

The schedule for upcoming classes has been posted on the Online Courses site.

Click here to see what’s happening at Ultimate Agility.

We look forward to seeing you online soon!

Happy Training!
Greg & Laura and the Ultimate Agility Team

Visit the Online Courses page to learn more about Ultimate Foundation and Ultimate Reinforcement!