When your dog learns to really love earning rewards in the forms of playing with YOU, and tugging and food from YOU, then working for YOU becomes worthwhile and a joy for your dog.

Without having proper rewards that your dog really, really loves, then working for you just isn’t much fun.

Our goal is to have a dog that enjoys playing and working; engaging with us should be the most rewarding thing in their life!

This goal is for any age, breed, size, and history. Bee, Greg and Laura’s rescue Chi/Terrier, was a feral 3 month old puppy in April. Now in September she is a happy, healthy, highly driven to work, well-mannered part of the family.

Join us for Ultimate Reinforcement, and learn games and skills to build YOUR dog’s desire and drive to engage with YOU! Registration is open now.

Class starts on Monday, October 20. See you there!

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