Great dog trainers work as much on prevention of bad behaviors being learned as on the good behaviours being taught. Having a criteria location in your training arena is essential for this to occur.

Quality training involves short bursts of training intermingled with down-time, which is key to maintain high-drive, both mental and physical, throughout a session. Maintaining a position and displaying self-control are important skills in the agility dog, as well as the great pet dog, and this is built into the down-time so it is not wasted training time.

By having a defined self-control position, we can prevent undesirable behaviours being learned. There are a large variety of behaviours that may occur which are detrimental to your training when we allow unmanaged down-time in the training venue; examples of these are sniffing, eyeing the other dogs, and self-rewarding with a toy.

How do we teach this understanding of criteria and self control? Foundation.

Ultimate Foundation registration opens on 9 November. Visit our Online Courses site to learn more about this class.