For correct reinforcement structure to be set, it is important that tugging and taking food from you are as equal in value to your dog as possible. This is necessary because different behaviours are better rewarded by either food or tugging due to placement of reward and the physiological effects triggered by each of these rewards.

One of the ways to build this equality is to always work with both food and tugging within every training session – whether you are working on start line training, or on a shaping session, or even when you have progressed to equipment training. All training sessions should start and end with play and tugging, and during training your dog is rewarded with both food and tugging.

By always including both type of rewards in all training sessions, your dog will form a strong association between tugging and food.

Learn how to do this effectively, along with simple daily fun exercises, to create a strong reward base for your dog so you can always tell him when he is correct with either food or toy; thus creating a happy, driven dog!

Join us for Ultimate Reinforcement and learn the games we use with our own dogs to make training fun and engaging!

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