A fun game while out with your buddy is to find new and interesting things to play with in the immediate environment. Here I am at the beach, rewarding Bee for a great recall with a piece of seaweed – the texture, taste, smell, and the way it moved, made for an intensely different and fun interaction!

The primary benefit of developing a solid reward base is that your dog understands that in all environments, and during any circumstances, what you have to offer is better than any environmental factor. Being prepared with treats and a toy to play tug with whenever you are out and about with your best friend should always be in your plan, but you can also incorporate playing with safe items (and for your sake, non-smelly things) in the environment that your dog finds interesting. What can you find during your outings to surprise your buddy with when rewarding?

Remember that by creating a strong reward structure for your dog, the result is a dog who strives to earn their rewards provided by you, and is therefore a dog who finds you to be the highlight of their world. This dog is easy to teach any type of training – from general manners and obedience, daily life skills such as recalls, to whatever canine sport you fancy – best of all, this results in having a great companion.

Join us for Ultimate Reinforcement and learn the games we use with our own dogs to make training fun and engaging!

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