Start lines are a key skill in agility. A solid wait with an explosive response to a well-taught release command is vital. Once you have taught the initial behavior of a start line, training should be incorporated into your way of life. Make a list of all the places you would like a solid wait in your dog’s life. The crate door, the back door, a door way in the house, going up the stairs, coming down the stairs, the field gate, getting out of the vehicle etc etc. You don’t really need to get imaginative to come up with 6-7 positions a day where your dog should maintain a start line and then release forward. If you get imaginative I’m sure you could come up with many. 

Great dog trainers are prepared dog trainers. Have food in your pocket, or food in small containers at these locations, to reward not only the stay but the release. This should see a huge improvement in the understanding of the behaviours, a better pet to live with, and you’ve not had to make any extra time to improve the skill.

Training start lines from the beginning stage through to the highest of proofs is just one of the skills we focus on in Ultimate Foundation.

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