Next time you plan to train your dog, be totally prepared before you get your dog out of his crate.  The idea being that when you do get to work, you can immediately jump into your training without any downtime that would cause your dog to become disinterested in you.  When a handler is not prepared, their dog usually finds or allows other things to hold their attention such as other dogs, other people, sniffing the ground and many other environmental distractions.

So, next time you train, have all your bits of food prepped and easily accessible along with a tug toy, equipment set, video at the ready, any helpers briefed and positioned, your personal items sorted (i.e. jacket on or off, shoe laces tied), your hair pulled back out of your face, sunglasses on or off, and any other tools you may need at the ready. This will enable you to fully concentrate on your training session with a dog who never has the chance to lose interest in you.

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