Be patient in starting your young dog on equipment – it will pay off!

For the first 12 – 15 MONTHS of your puppy’s life, focus on REWARD STRUCTURE and FOUNDATION SKILLS before even thinking about any agility equipment. This allows your puppy to not only gain the understanding of solid behaviors necessary for a long and very competitive agility career, but it also allows your youngster to fully develop his coordination, and mature muscularly, so that he can physically give you the fastest and strongest behaviors possible. 

Remember, how your dog learns to execute the equipment first, is what they will tend to default to when it gets difficult. So, if they are not mentally and physically capable of performing at their best, you may be training some issues you will fight against the rest of your dog’s agility career. One of the areas besides jumping, and contact performance, where this is most notable is weave pole strides. Single-footing (swimming) in the weaves takes well-developed muscles, and if your dog is unable to physically do this because he is not yet able, then he may default to a slower, less efficient striding. Start your dog when he is mentally and physically ready, and you’ll enjoy a strong and long-lasting agility career.

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