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Greg and Laura and Dogs

[dropcap]A[/fusion_dropcap]s two of the top agility instructors, Greg & Laura Derrett conduct seminars worldwide covering all levels of handling and training in Competition Dog Agility. Greg has been involved in the sport of dog agility since the late 1980’s whilst Laura, originally from America, has been a professional dog trainer since 1993 specialising in Agility since 2000. As well as being competitors and trainers, Greg and Laura run UK Agility and UK Agility International, agility organisations in the UK and North America. Most recently, they started and continue to organize the World Agility Open, along with Monica Percival of Clean Run.

Laura has been a professional dog trainer since 1993, starting her career in pet training and behavioural work. Laura has competed in Agility since 1998 with her 4 dogs, Josie a Golden Retriever, and 3 Border Collies, Fly, Fish, and Spider. She has competed at the top levels with her dogs, including competing at both Olympia and Crufts, as well as competing on and co-managing national teams at World events. Laura’s passion is teaching people how to get the very best out of their dogs by educating owners on understanding how their dogs learn, and how to create the reinforcement they need to reward their dogs properly for the behaviours necessary for Agility.

To complement Laura’s training and competing career, she recently completed her Canine Massage Certification, finishing at the top of her class. Laura and Greg’s dogs are now enjoying the benefits of having their their own in-house bodywork expert.

Some of the highlights of Greg’s long running, prestigious agility career:
Greg began competing in 1990 and by 1991 had won Junior handler of the year in Great Britain with his first dog Hettie, a Golden Retriever cross Border Collie. Hettie went on to be highly successful winning several national finals including the Individual at Crufts in 1994. Throughout the 1990’s Greg won Great Britain’s “Handler of the Year” as well as winning Great Britain’s “Dog of the Year” with his Border Collie, “Jay.” Jay was highly successful and won every major tournament in Great Britain at least once, and most of them twice including the Agility Stakes at Olympia. Greg’s 3rd dog “Fern,” a Border Collie, placed 2nd behind Jay twice in GB “Dog of the Year,” and also won 5 national finals. Jay was on the first GB team to compete overseas in 2000, and Fern was on the first GB team to compete at a world cup in 2001. GT, Greg’s 4th dog, another BC, competed at 3 FCI world cups winning individual silver and a team bronze. She become one of the first few Agility champions in the UK and won the Singles individual title at Crufts in 2005 & 2008.

Greg’s next dog, Detox, has represented Great Britain 6 times so far in her career. She is an agility Champion in GB and Denmark, and has won many national finals including the Agility Stakes at Olympia, the Crufts Singles in 2013 & 2014, and the Crufts Agility Championship in 2014. She is only the 2nd dog to hold both the prestigious Olympia and Crufts titles at the same time. In addition, she is the first dog to defend the Crufts Singles title. Detox is the first dog to ever win both large Crufts finals and did so on the same weekend. At the 2015 FCI World Championship, Detox was part of the Silver medal winning GB team, and finished 7th overall in the individual event.

Rehab has competed slightly in the shadow of Detox up until 2015, when she took over the lead role. As a young dog, she won the Novice Stakes at Olympia in 2012, the day after Detox won the Agility Stakes. In 2014, Rehab became Greg’s 5th dog to compete for Great Britain with her first international venture at the European Open. In 2015, Rehab started the year with a great success winning the 2015 British Open; however, this was eclipsed by her becoming Greg’s first dog to win the title of World Champion. In October of 2015, Rehab was part of the Large GB team that won Gold at the FCI World Agility Championship. The year 2015 ended on a high, with Greg and Re winning the Olympia Large Agility Stakes, and in doing so they broke several records.  Greg is the first handler to win the event 4 times, the first handler to win the event with 3 different dogs, and Rehab is the first dog to ever achieve the double – winning both the Novice and Large finals.

Addict was born in April 2013, and at the time of writing is showing great promise with her training and is beginning to progress nicely through the competition levels.

Complementing Greg’s success in the agility ring, Greg completed an Advanced Studies Diploma in Animal Behaviour. Greg has become widely popular as a seminar presenter and has travelled all over the world from New Zealand and Australia, throughout Europe, Japan and all of North America. Greg has also produced a hugely popular series of Agility Videos and DVDs which can be found in the Ultimate Shop.

Detox and Greg
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Spider and Laura
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