Lessons and Analysis

Greg and Laura offer weekly online lesson plans, as well as personalized course analysis and video analysis.

The lesson plans are based on the skills we work with our own dogs and students, and are the perfect option if you are training by yourself, or are an instructor and want a weekly set up where you can work several drills and perfect skills with little to no equipment movement.  You will receive a course set up using CRCD along with a detailed description on handling each drill.

For more information please contact lessons at ukagility.com

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are taken directly from the 2 hr group lesson where we train our dogs. (This may include contact and weave training drills, and the dogs in the group range from 18 month old dogs to 9 year old + dogs.) All handlers in the group have a good understanding of handling system and training techniques.

The plan includes the layout and sequences, and the description of how to handle the course challenges, basically everything you need.

These are booked on a 5 week basis. People can sign up for a 5 week block and the lessons will normally be emailed out Friday am UK time.

Cost for this is $175 USD for the 5 weeks.

We are not able to provide specific lessons for you, but if we have nothing planned on a week, and we have an online client with a specific problem, we may design a Thursday evening session to work on that specific weakness. No guarantees, but you can email ideas in.

What we are basically offering is the training we do with our dogs. We only really train agility to our dogs in these group lessons.

The lesson plans will be sent in CRCD (Clean Run Course Designer).

These lessons should really help with your understanding and application of the handling system. Understanding and constantly confirming where your handling manoeuvres should go, especially if you have 12 months between seminars!

This might be of interest to you if:

  • you train on your own or with a group of friends and you want a weekly training session all laid out for you.
  • you don’t want to have to go to the local instructor who might not have the understanding of the system you want.
  • are an instructor who wants to use the plans for your weekly lessons

For every 3 consecutive blocks you complete, you are also entitled to either:

  • a free course analysis  or
  • a free video analysis of one run

See below for more information

We do notice the people who truly excel, and really learn the handling system, tend to be signed up for these lessons. They are the ones at seminars who clearly have the best understanding, and have not gotten confused between seminars.

Course Analysis

Course plans or specific drill questions can be sent in CRCD and we will send back an explanation of how we would run these courses. The cost will also include you being able to then ask questions regarding why to handle that certain way and why not to handle another way. We may also be able to give you insight as to why certain mistakes may have happened.

Cost per course/question is $25 USD.

Video Analysis

Please do not send videos to us, instead we ask you put them on YouTube (private if you like!). We can then discuss what you are doing on the video.

Cost for this is on a time basis. Rate of $100 USD an hr. The average time to do this is 15 minutes. Please send a CRCD of the course as well to help with seeing angles and also help in our explanations.

We may not be able to respond immediately to course and video analysis if we are working abroad.



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