24 Jan 2016

Training Tip – Be Patient!

Be patient in starting your young dog on equipment – it will pay off!

For the first 12 – 15 MONTHS of your puppy’s life, focus on REWARD STRUCTURE and FOUNDATION SKILLS before even thinking about any agility equipment. This allows your puppy to not only gain the understanding of solid behaviors necessary for a long and very competitive agility career, but it also allows your youngster to fully develop his coordination, and mature muscularly, so that he can physically give you the fastest and strongest behaviors possible. 

Remember, how your dog learns to execute the equipment first, is what […]

9 Mar 2015

Course Announcement: Ultimate Handling

Ultimate Agility presents… Ultimate Handling!

Learn the theory and skills behind Greg Derrett’s fabulously successful handling system, and understand how Greg has remained competitive at the highest levels of agility for 25+ years!

Registration is open now, and class starts 23 March.

New for this course, we are offering a limited number of Video Participant spots. These students submit short videos weekly for review and feedback directly from Greg & Laura.

Visit our Online Courses site to learn more, and sign up today!